Culinary Nutrition Principles and Applications, 2nd Edition




Bring your course to life with ATP x Top Hat’s interactive Culinary Nutrition Principles and Applications, 2nd Edition courseware. Each chapter in this fully interactive text features auto-scored questions embedded in the reading, empowering students to test their knowledge as they learn and providing a rich source of data on understanding. Instructors can personalize content down to the word level and add questions or interactive elements to further engage their students. As a fully digital solution, content can be accessed on any web-enabled device, providing students with the flexibility to engage with course material wherever and whenever learning takes place. With supplemental resources including question banks, lecture slides, and instructional plans, instructors have the practical tools they need to help students succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Culinary Nutrition Principles and Applications, 2nd Edition demonstrates how to combine the science of nutrition with the art of culinary preparation to create nutrient-dense menu items that are full of flavor. The first six chapters explain the importance of shaping eating behaviors and learning basic nutrition science. The next chapter explains how to combine flavor development with nutrition science to plan healthy menus.


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ATP’s interactive Top Hat courseware help students connect with their content by enabling instructors to build meaningful interactions into every assignment, activity, and lecture.


• Interactive courseware with embedded questions and videos help students apply their knowledge as they read and learn.

• Easily customize content to bring the real world into the classroom and empower your students to connect with course material on a practical level.

• Leverage a wide variety of interactive question types to drive engagement and encourage peer-to-peer learning.





Actionable Insights





Every interaction in an ATP interactive TopHat courseware generates valuable information that instructors can use to improve student outcomes.


•Whenever students interact with this courseware, instructors and institutions gain data that they can use to make learning more effective. Reading questions, participation, test and assignment results are all captured in the Top Hat gradebook.

• Instructors receive a weekly course report to get at-a-glance insights into class-wide trends and identify challenging topics students may be struggling with in just a few clicks.

• Immediate feedback empowers students to more frequently and efficiently test their own knowledge, helping them ensure they can be be successful in the course.



Access and Equity


ATP’s interactive TopHat courseware gives all students the opportunity to voice their perspectives and questions confidently and demonstrate understanding in a variety of ways.


• Give every student a voice from the front row to the back, in-person or online. With Top Hat’s anonymous questions and discussion, every student is empowered to participate and demonstrate their knowledge.

• A wide variety of question types and assessment formats accommodate all types of learners, giving everyone the space to apply what they learn.







ATP’s interactive TopHat courseware empower instructors to create tailored content and drive engagement anywhere at any time.


• With these fully customizable courseware, instructors have control over every piece of information students read, down to the individual word. You can add additional context around challenging concepts and embed interactive questions and videos to ensure your students have everything they need to be successful in your course and beyond.

• Effectively deliver your course online, in-person, or hybrid, without sacrificing engagement. Students have access to Top Hat on any device, helping them engage with course material wherever and whenever learning takes place.



Ease-of-use and Support


TopHat’s user-friendly interface and best-in-class support allows instructors to focus their time and energy on teaching.


• Top Hat makes it easy to create and deliver engaging content with just a few clicks. Spend less time on administrative tasks and more time on the teaching and learning activities that impact student success.

• Our dedicated, one-on-one support provides step-by-step training to help you build your perfect course and set you up for success.




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