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ATP Online Learner Resources provide complimentary interactive tools that reinforce learning. These engaging resources can be easily accessed by either scanning the QR code in the book or by visiting and entering the code provided in the book.

Quick Quizzes® provide a formative self-study tool and include links to where the content can be found in the book.

Flash Cards help learners identify key terms and definitions, symbols, tools, and/or equipment.

Reviews provide fillable PDFs of the review questions found in the textbook. The files can be saved and submitted to instructors.

• The Media Library is comprised of videos and animations that reinforce key concepts and offer contextual applications.

Internet Resources provide links to online reference materials to support continued learning.

ATP eTextbooks are powered by RedShelf and allow access to content anytime, anywhere!





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Assessments (Test Banks) include a pretest and posttest plus a test bank for each chapter or section. The printable pretest and posttest can be used to document learning gains. Test banks can be imported into a learning management system (LMS) or test development software and customized.







Answer Keys are provided for review questions and activities.

Instructional Guides provide valuable teaching tips and detailed instructional plans that include the objectives, key instructional points and figures (illustrations), and online resources that will reinforce key concepts for each chapter or section.






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Premium PowerPoint® Presentations include the chapter or section objectives, key concepts and figures (illustrations), and review questions for each chapter or section along with instructor notes. Each presentation can be customized to your specific course or training program.


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Learner Resources are also provided so that you can access all of the online resources in one convenient location.



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Study Guides and Workbooks help learners review key textbook content and reinforce comprehension of key concepts. The review questions help assess knowledge, and activities facilitate the use of critical-thinking skills.



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